Complete Corporate Services provides strategic solutions for your family.

We can assist you with navigating your separation or divorce by providing a range of services tailored to your situation. Our compassionate team will hold your hand and guide you through this difficult time. We are not lawyers; we are specialists in collecting evidence and providing you with practical and cost effective non legal solutions.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with evidence gathering

Evidence gathering is essential for your family law matter. Our team will evaluate your situation and provide you with an outline of what evidence is needed to validate your claims. We also assist with gathering evidence to refute claims made by the other party.


  • Strategies to assist with child and spousal arrangements

Running two separate households can be very stressful both on the parents and children. We provide practical solutions to assist you with the day to day running of your household.


  • Identifying, locating and/or verifying property interests;

Do you believe that your partner has hidden assets, bank accounts and other interests from you? Our team can perform asset searches as well as forensic accounting to identify potential interests.


  • Assistance with domestic violence applications and dealing with relevant support agencies

Our team has experience with all forms of domestic violence. We can assist you with connecting to relevant support agencies as well as assistance with your domestic violence application.


  • Security assessment and advice for your personal and property protection.

Our security experts can visit your home and determine what security concerns there may be as well as providing you with advice on how to solve those issues. Mobile phones, computers and cars can also be examined to ensure your privacy is maintained.


  • Support to those who are self-representing including the preparation of affidavits for filing at court

We offer non-legal support with compiling your affidavit and other supporting evidence. We can assist you with evidence gathering, affidavits, subpoenas, and walking you through the court process.


  • Discovery of information which may induce the other party to settle on your terms


  • Evaluating the other parties’ affidavits with the aim to undermine their confidence and credibility



  • Assisting with mediation to help you reach a positive outcome for co-parenting and your financial needs


  • Create co-parenting procedures to assist you and the children​


  • The enforcement & execution of court orders


  • The service of court documents together with supporting affidavits

Our process servers are experienced with the personal service of documents. Their experience allows them to assist with complex service where one of the parties may be trying to avoid being served.


  • Preparation of evidence for criminal offences, including stalking, violent and threatening conduct as well as engaging law enforcement.

  • Confirmation of the occurrence of separation, reconciliation, or other significant events

We are able to gather evidence to determine when events in the relationship have occurred. This information can be vital to the success of your matter.


  • Substantiating negative contributions, including wasted expenditure

If your partner has engaged in activities relating to alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions etc then the courts allow for you to admit as evidence the expenditure of such activities as a negative contribution to the marriage.


  • Surveillance

Our fully licenced agents are able to carry out surveillance. The information obtained via surveillance can form essential evidence for your matter. Please note that we are unable to carry out surveillance if there is an AVO/DVO in place.



  • Identifying and verifying undisclosed income levels or potential for earning capacity

If you believe that your partner is earning more than disclosed to you, we are able to carry out lines of enquiry to determine the earning capacity of a partner.


  • Exposing fraud, shams, misrepresentations, or non-disclosure, relevant to the outcome of proceedings.

  • Discovering extramarital relationships and linking negative consequences.


  • Thorough investigation of new spouses or other relevant persons history, current circumstances, or financial interests.

If you partner has commenced a new relationship we are able to carry out investigations to determine if that person is suitable to engage with your children, for example, do they have prior criminal convictions, or a reputation for finding people with substantial assets.


  • Evidence of violent or criminal conduct.


  • Substantiating inappropriate behaviour by a parent or other caregivers.



  • Investigate child at risk issues.


  • Locating

    • a party relevant to proceedings.

    • abducted children.

    • witnesses.

    • missing persons generally.

  • Supervising contact or handovers.

We can provide solutions for more suitable and alternative supervision and handover of your children. This allows all parties to interact in a more appropriate setting with less stress. Our experts can organise location and attend the supervision.


  • Obtain evidence substantiating a breach of orders or undertakings.


  • Assisting in the execution of orders, including:

    • Anton Pillar Orders.

    • Recovery Orders.



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