Investigating Cheating Spouses

At Complete Corporate Services we have the ability to investigate and undertake surveillance of a spouse you suspect of cheating.

Complete Corporate Services assisting with investigating cheating spouses

Complete Corporate Services (CCS) is a group of professional experienced surveillance and intelligence experts operating throughout Australia. Government Licensed, we are leaders in providing you with accurate intelligence regarding your spouse.

Are you concerned about the activities of your spouse? Is he or she being secretive, acting strangely, continually engaged in unwarranted telephone communication, or generally missing or away for long hours. There are a range of other signs, that only you identify when you are in a relationship with somebody who is cheating on you.

  • Are you considering a relationship with somebody, but you want to be sure first?

  • Is your partner going away and requires checking?

  • Do you work away, and do you need your spouse monitored?


For a whole range of reasons, people use CCS to provide them with accurate intelligence. Intelligence that is affordable, corroborated and can be relied upon.

About Complete Corporate Services

We have trained and experienced investigators Australia wide

Over 40 years experience

Industry leaders

Quality Codes of Practice

Engaged by over 150 legal firms nationally

Confidentiality assured

In all operations, compliant with all legislation and court admissibility

All data provided via encryption

How CCS work with your cheating spouse investigation

  • When you approach us, we will assess your enquiry obligation free

  • As Intelligence experts, we Analysis, Assess, Evaluate and form Inferences. We substantially debrief clients first, gathering all available intelligence. This process reduces required resources, and enhances operational results

  • Clients are quoted prior to engagement and agree on operations and fees

  • Operations are planned for enhanced results

  • All activity is documented and or digitally recorded

  • Clients are provided with advice at least every four (4) hours of work undertaken

  • Reports, including evidence are delivered to clients in a manner suitable to their situation

Complete Corporate Services provide private investigation services across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Ipswich and Mackay.

We encourage clients to call and discuss their spousal investigation needs to see whether we can assist.

Call 1300 911 334 to discuss your needs, on a strictly confidential, no obligation basis

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