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Complete Corporate Services assists with virtually all types of debt collection and management services for the private sector.

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Experienced & professional debt collection agency on the Sunshine Coast

Often your business can have a record sales month, but these figures are not reflected in your cash flow, or bank balance. Why? This is because your clients (Debtors) are either:


  • Slow at paying;

  • Are not paying; or

  • Are not going to pay.


Managing Debtors correctly is a difficult task and requires discipline and constant attention. Often businesses are only equipped to provide their own services and do not have the resources or efficient processes to collect their accounts. When this happens, your debtors build and your chances of receiving the money diminish.

CCS has a wider range of tools available as a debt collector on the Sunshine Coast than any other agency or law firm

At Complete Corporate Services, we are frequently engaged to take over the problem of debtor management and debt collection. We have a variety of industry and problem specific solutions to assist businesses in collecting their outstanding debtors. If you hand this problem over to us, you can rest in the satisfaction that we will be collecting for you, as efficiently and quickly as possible. We specialise in:


  • Analysis and management of debtor books.

  • Identification of the most pressing debts.

  • Locating hard-to-find debtors.

  • Handling all communication with debtors on your behalf through courteous and professional correspondence.

  • Developing mutually agreeable repayment plans.

  • Process Serving.

  • Developing systems to avoid non-payment and promote pre-payment wherever possible.

  • Debt Collection including Court process.

  • Bankruptcy and Winding up proceedings.

  • Asset Liquidation and Recovery.


With debt collection agents throughout the Sunshine Coast, we are able to provide an efficient service. We offer debt recovery services suited to companies, businesses and individuals of all industries and sizes.

What does a debt collector on the Sunshine Coast do?

A debt collector is an agency or a person (usually a mercantile agency or law firm) that collects debt on behalf of a person or business. A debt collector is normally brought into the equation once the person or business owed the debt has tried everything to collect the money they are owed, and are basically out of options.


Debt collectors have a different set of methods to collecting debt that say an individual or business. A debt collector has many different legal avenues, along with networks of contacts and enquiry lines to be able to investigate the financial position of the debtor, and attempt to collect the debt.

Why do I need a debt collector on the Sunshine Coast?

It is possible that Debtors have simply forgotten to make a payment, or many may be prioritising paying other bills. Some may even be experiencing financial difficulties, which can make debt collection even more difficult for a business. Others though, they might have no intention of ever paying you.  At Complete Corporate Services, you can rest in the satisfaction that we’ll be collecting the debts for you if you reach out to us for debt related problems the Sunshine Coast.

How does a debt on the Sunshine Coast get collected?

In Australia, there are generally 4 steps involved in collecting a debt:


Step 1 - Letter of Demand: A letter of demand is a formal document sent to the debtor making a demand for the payment to be made. This is to let the debtor know that you intend on following through with other debt collection methods if an appropriate response isn’t received. The timeframe usually given to a debtor in the letter of demand is 7 days.


Step 2 - Statement of Claim: If no response is received from the letter of demand, then a statement of claim is a legal document lodged with the court on behalf of the creditor, detailing the debt owed to you by the debtor. This is then served to the debtor by the court, and they are usually given 28 days to respond.


Step 3 - Judgement: If the outstanding debt has not been paid after the debtor has been served the statement of claim, then a judgement process can begin. This can end up in either a mediation between all parties, or even a trial in court.


Step 4 – Enforcement: If the court rules in your favour, then the debtor is required to pay the outstanding debt. However, in this circumstance, it is up to the creditor to enforce the judgement.

Benefits of hiring a debt collector on the Sunshine Coast such as CCS

At CCS, we have real world experience with collecting debts of all sizes across the Sunshine Coast over the last 40 years. Furthermore, we have capabilities that lawyers don’t, such as we are able to conduct detailed investigations involving covert operations and surveillance,  investigate the financial position of the target debtor and much more. Lawyers on the other hand actually hire businesses like CCS to conduct these investigations when needed, meaning if you went through a Sunshine Coast law firm instead of us, your debt collection case would be passing through more hands than is needed, potentially costing you more.

Debt Recovery and Management on the Sunshine Coast by Complete Corporate Services

Are you having trouble managing your liabilities? Could creditor demands for Payment put you out of business? Mounting liabilities and debts are threatening your business’s future. We have over 35 years’ experience in problem-solving.  With our high level of communication and organisational skills, creditors usually work with us when they know that the payment of their outstanding accounts is being managed professionally.

Let us take over this problem, work within your budget, and assist you to trade out of this situation. When we are engaged to manage your creditors we do the following:


  • Assessing creditor situation and identify the most pressing debts.

  • Budgeting

  • Managing and controlling claims by proactively and professionally speaking to creditors on your behalf

  • Negotiating mutually agreeable repayment plans

  • Settling debts.


At Complete Corporate Services, we are frequently engaged to take over the problems of debt collection and debt recovery. We provide debt recovery services suited to companies, businesses and individuals of all industries and sizes. Many debtors may merely forget to make a payment, may be facing financial difficulties or may be prioritising paying other clients. With our unique methodology, you can be satisfied that we’ll be collecting the debts for you if you reach out to us for debt related problems on the Sunshine Coast.

Who are Complete Corporate Services?

Complete Corporate Services (CCS) is an Australian based company which
specialises in a range of business support services, including but not limited to:

• Business Risk Advisory;
• Investigation;
• Litigation Support;
Debt Collection;
Creditor Management;
• General Support

CCS is directed and managed by Scott Sattler, who has over a decade of Risk Management, Investigation, and other business related experience. With over four decades of other experience, our management team has more years of experience than any other known competitor.

Our internal staff are well trained and experienced. We have aligned ourselves with a network of quality agents and other specialist services providers throughout Australia and Internationally.

What our clients have to say

5 stars.png

We have a long standing relationship with Complete Corp and especially Scott Sattler. We use Complete Corp across a range of areas of investigative and litigation support because they understand the importance of focused, timely and cost effective investigation. Complete Corp deliver results and outcomes that are of superior forensic value.

Scott Falvey | McInnes Wilson Lawyers

5 stars.png

As a Liquor Merchant business, CCS have been invaluable to us, with a wide variety of support work, including debt collection and litigation support.  They are effective, results driven and cost effective.  Furthermore they continue to offer friendly advice and strategy when called, without obligation.  I highly recommend them to business as the complete all round support service.

Bryce Mathews

5 stars.png

The professionals at Complete Corp are our number one choice when Investigative and Litigation support is required.  They produce excellent results with dedication to relationships and high level customer service.  I highly recommend CCS as a service provider.

Chris Hannay | Director, Hannay Lawyers

5 stars.png

CCS routinely provide litigation support services to Vincents. In my experience CCS provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions in a wide variety of litigation matters. As important I find CCS Investigators while both professional and experienced very easy to work with. I would urge any accountant or lawyer needing an innovative approach to a demanding or difficult business circumstances to give CCS a call.

Ian McKinnon | Director, Vincents

5 stars.png

I have known and worked with Scott Sattler for more than 30 years. His professionalism is second only to his integrity and Complete Corporate Services exude the same qualities.

Jason J. Murakami |Adjunct Professor of Law and Partner Behlau Murakami Grant.

Complete Corporate Services provide debt collection and management services across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Mackay.

We encourage clients to call and discuss their Sunshine Coast debt collection and management needs to see whether we can assist.

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