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Complete Corporate Services understands that conducting investigation and inquiries on your behalf involves considerable trust by you.

Complete Corporate Services and assisting with injury investigations

If you’ve suffered loss and injury because of a third party’s negligence, but are experiencing difficulty obtaining rightful compensation, you may need to speak to us.  We act for both Defendants and Plaintiffs for the best possible outcome.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for fraud investigations

One of the key issues that is raised time and time again with these types of situations is whether or not the injury is a genuine complaint and whether the complaint reflects the true state of things.  Additionally, individuals who have been injured report issues of facing apprehension from the other parties in receiving fair benefits (such as WorkCover), in gathering evidence to prove negligence, and even in identifying the other relevant party involved (such as in a motor vehicle incident where the other party ‘runs’).


Information is power and Complete Corporate Services provides legal practitioners and clients with the power they need by:


  • Quickly locating persons of interest, interviewing and taking statements;

  • Serving any Process;

  • Undertaking Surveillance to confirm the accuracy or information;

  • Covertly engaging with targets, through pretexts, to confirm activity;

  • Undertaking general factual investigations, including the identification and location of assets;

  • Assisting with the execution & securing of legal processes, including Injunctions and Anton Pillar Orders;

  • Undertaking Fraud Investigations & Brief Preparation, including liaison with Law Enforcement & Legal Professionals; and

  • Interviewing witnesses and taking statements.


Many clients use us to assist with the following types of matters:

  • Worker Injury matters, including workplace health and safety issues and WorkCover claims;

  • Public Liability claims; and

  • Motor Vehicle accidents and insurance matters.


Workplace injuries, WorkCover matters and industrial disputes commonly give rise to issues of credibility and imbalance in power between the parties. 


CCS has helped many individuals successfully pursue their employer to correctly support their WorkCover claim, identify negligence and initiate proceedings to recover compensation.  We are experienced in locating witnesses and taking statements, which are vital supporting evidence for any injury claim.  CCS has successfully conducted covert operations and uncovered evidence to support workers’ claims that an employer was negligent, which has resulted in fair legal proceedings and the award of compensation for the victim.


In one matter where an employer refused to support a worker’s claim, CCS uncovered a history of workplace accidents and reporting of concerns around equipment, and the employer had refused to implement any strategies to repair the equipment and mitigate further risk.  CCS conducted investigations and as a result of statements and evidence gathered, the employer was found to have been negligent. 


WorkCover has also engaged CCS directly to prove the veracity of a claim, often through discreet surveillance methods. In cases where there is suspicion of a false claim, CCS has successfully demonstrated the true picture of things with effective surveillance.


Talk to us about the specifics of your situation.  Over the years we have undertaken many covert operations with outstanding success.  We are regarded in the industry as the leaders in this area of investigation, as we have nearly four (4) decades of experience. 


We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures with respect to injury matters and disputes, and have a history of working with law firms to perform investigations that assist in achieving the client’s desired outcome.


Whatever your matter, CCS understands that each matter is unique and provides a tailored service to match the client’s needs.  We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.  

Complete Corporate Services provide private investigation services across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Ipswich and Mackay.

We encourage clients to call and discuss their injury investigation needs to see whether we can assist.

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