Defamation Investigations by CCS

If your personal or professional reputation has been damaged by false or misleading statements, then talk to us today.

Why would I need CCS to conduct a defamation investigation?

If your reputation has been damaged by false information of a business competitor or a person who sees you as their enemy, then it is of paramount importance to have a defamation investigation conducted. 

Complete Corporate Services solutions for defamation investigations

  • Identifying and locating offenders, particularly those posting anonymously online.

  • Liaising with search engines and websites to resolve the issue.

  • Removal of offending material.

  • Preparing and making police complaints.

Complete Corporate Services provide private investigation services across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Ipswich and Mackay.

We encourage clients to call and discuss their defamation investigation needs to see whether we can assist.

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