Whistleblower Services by CCS

Create an environment that allows staff to feel safe blowing the whistle on illegal behaviour within your business.

Complete Corporate Services assisting with whistleblower services

Staff exploiting your business through a range of corrupt, illegal or poor practices, including:


  • Theft & Fraud;

  • Worker Compensation Fraud;

  • Fraudulent Sick Leave;

  • Safety Concerns;

  • Breaches of Policy & Procedure;

  • Bully & Harassment in the workplace;

  • Drug Use & Distribution;

  • Secret Commissions or kickbacks;

  • Theft of Intellectual Property.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for whistleblower services

Our Service provides the following Benefits:


  • The mere presence of the service, including staff education and signage, deters unlawful conduct, and reduces business loss;

  • The line provides a grievance process and assessment of grievances independent of your business

  • Satisfies the relevant requirements of the Australian Stock Exchange’s “Principles of Good Governance and Best Practice Recommendations”:


  • Compliance with Standards Australia’s AS 8001 – 2008 “Fraud and Corruption Control” and AS 8004 – 2003 “Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities”:

  • Supports and satisfies the relevant requirements of all State Work Place Health & Safety Acts;

  • Supports and satisfies all relevant requirements of Whistleblower legislation and organization standards;

  • Clients report a substantial reduction of occupational fraud, stock theft (up to 38%), misconduct and unsafe work practices;

  • Increased levels of confidentiality and security for concerned employees:

  • Providers Independently work for Senior Management, reducing interference or corruption of the reporting process;

  • The ability to internally address reported matters promptly and effectively:

  • All Stakeholders of the entity’s recognize commitment to good corporate governance:

  • Services are highly trained Intelligence specialists, with many years of Intelligence, Investigation and Risk Management experience;

We encourage clients to call and discuss their whistleblower services to see whether we can assist.

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