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Complete Corporate Services assists with virtually all types of investigations for the private sector.

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Legal, Personal and Corporate Investigations

CCS have some of the most experienced private investigators on the Gold Coast, with over 40 years of experience in conducting a wide range of different private investigations for both corporate and individual clients.

CCS is a group of private investigators on the Gold Coast with nearly four decades of experience. We provide specialist methodologies including high level intelligence, intelligence analysis, inference development, strategy development and management, covert operations including information development and management, pretexts, surveillance, location of persons of interest, general investigation, scene examination, statement and affidavit preparation, scene forensics, financial forensics, asset identification and recovery and due diligence.


CCS is engaged by different businesses on the Gold Coast across different market segments, including the Legal Industry and its many segments, large and small business and individuals with specific needs. All assessment of any enquiry is undertaken without obligation.


CCS has a number of private investigators and resources throughout the Gold Coast area. Whether you are in Surfers Paradise or Tweed Heads, we here at CCS will always provide reliable and rapid results. Our services are also highly cost effective, meaning you get reliable results at a good rate. Our investigators are professional, highly trained and have a key eye for detail. They are all trained in giving court room evidence in courthouses across the Gold Coast including the Southport Courthouse. We also uphold high standards for confidentiality, legal professional privilege, report writing, record keeping and evidence security. Law enforcement, policing, legal, journalism, sporting and media are some of the areas and backgrounds our investigators have worked in across the Gold Coast.

Do you need CCS to conduct an investigation on the Gold Coast on your behalf? We can help with the following:

Commercial Litigation Gold Coast

CCS are able to provide investigation services which relate to commercial litigation, whether it be public liability claims, piracy and counterfeiting issues or even competitor intelligence gathering for our Gold Coast clients.

Consumer Fraud Investigations Gold Coast

If you have been a victim of consumer fraud, whether it be through unlicensed gambling or bookmaking, gold purchasing or other investment schemes, then CCS are here to help.

Gold Coast Covert Operations

Covert operations can be used in many types of investigations on the Gold Coast, particularly those where you need to gather intelligence on a target person or business without their knowledge. With a covert operation, CCS are able to gather high quality information on any given target, which can be invaluable to your investigation purpose.

Gold Coast Defamation Investigations

A defamation investigation can be conducted on your behalf by us if your personal or professional reputation has been damaged by false or misleading information. CCS have a wide range of capabilities to assist such as liaising with search engines and websites to remove false information, and also preparing and making police statements.

Domestic Violence Investigations on the Gold Coast

Domestic violence is a very real and large problem on the Gold Coast, and in a lot of cases requires joint efforts between law enforcement, community welfare groups and government to tackle the problem effectively. CCS are not about ending relationships, we are more about ending the violence and conflict within the home. As specialist investigators, we gather evidence relating to stalking, assault, abducted children, threatening conduct, breach of orders, harassment and more.

Due Diligence for Gold Coast clients

It is very easy to make business decisions in strong economic environments, with a shortage of labour or available cash and not do sufficient due diligence. CCS are able to assist with due diligence requirements to prevent problems in the future, such as helping you find out who you are really doing business with, whether or not the business you are buying stacks up, or even whether representations made to you are honest and accurate.

Gold Coast Estate Investigations

The death of a family member or relationship breakup can be quite an emotional time. If there is a dispute, CCS can assist in verifying witness statements as well as confirming the length of time of the relationship particularly when a party has exaggerated this. We are able to verify statements and evidence in relation to exaggerated claims or where a party is downplaying a situation. Additionally, CCS can assist in asset identification, such as identifying the actual assets owned by a divorcing party.

Gold Coast Fraud Investigations

Fraud can take many forms, however CCS have over 4 decades of experience investigating fraud across virtually all industries and situations. Whether it be an investment you have made which has provided zero returns, excessive staff turnover within your business, or undue secrecy of staff or management in your business, we are here to help.

 Injury Investigations on the Gold Coast

We are able to assist either party in such matters, including the insurer’s lawyer or the personal injury lawyer. CCS can provide assistance to either assist in proving or dis-proving a claim by collecting evidence. We are also able to assist in investigating any negligence and liability involved.

Gold Coast Insolvency Investigations

If your insolvency clients are giving you the run around and not disclosing everything as they are required, or are being extremely guarded with valuable information, CCS can help with an insolvency investigation to help uncover the information you require. We can help locate persons of interest, undertake surveillance to confirm the accuracy of the information you have been provided, and even engage targets in a covert matter or undertake general factual investigations.

Insurance Investigations Gold Coast

CCS have 4 decades of experience conducting insurance claim investigations, involving cases of fraud, arson, motor vehicle theft, marine vessel theft and damage, break & enters and personal injury.

Locating Persons of Interest on the Gold Coast

If you are trying to locate a person who is avoiding contact, who is a potential party to proceedings, a potential witness to a matter, a debtor or subject to a particular enquiry, CCS are able to help. We have established many intelligence systems, networks of contacts and avenues of enquiry which can help you locate the person of interest to you.

Gold Coast Surveillance

Good quality surveillance can quickly provide you with an accurate picture and allow you to deal with the problem confidentially. At Complete Corporate Services we have the ability to undertake surveillance of almost any target. Our operatives are highly experienced and understand the consequences of being “blown” by the target: consequences which could have a detrimental effect upon the investigation. All surveillance is undertaken carefully and professionally.

Cheating Gold Coast Spouses and Background Checks

A cheating partner can cause a lot of emotional pain, however in a lot of cases can also cause a lot of financial detriment if you trust your partner with your financial affairs. Utilising our wide range of investigative techniques, CCS are able to uncover in most cases solid evidence of whether or not your partner is cheating or having an affair, so you can know who it is you are in a relationship with. We also conduct confidential background checks to help you understand who it is you are getting into a new relationship with.

Who are Complete Corporate Services?

Complete Corporate Services (CCS) is an Australian based company which has offices on the Gold Coast that specialises in a range of business support services, including but not limited to:

• Business Risk Advisory;
• Investigation;
• Litigation Support;
• Debt Collection;
• Creditor Management;
• General Support

CCS is directed and managed by Scott Sattler, who has over a decade of Risk Management, Investigation, and other business related experience. With over four decades of other experience, our management team has more years of experience than any other known competitor.

Our internal staff are well trained and experienced. We have aligned ourselves with a network of quality agents and other specialist services providers throughout Australia and Internationally.

Workcover Investigators Gold Coast

  • Are you concerned about the truthfulness of a workers claim?

  • Is a workplace investigation required to establish whether the claim is legitimate and or the extent of injury or damages suffered by the worker?

  • Was the worker really injured? If so, did the event and or injury occur at work, or did it occur outside of work?

  • Could, or should the worker be now back at work, but instead is hiding behind a false medical certificate. Is the worker capable of returning to work?

  • Is the worker being paid workers compensation, whilst undertaking other work?

Fraudulent worker claims are a major problem. False claims for physical and psychological injury can be difficult to disprove without sufficient resources and or experience.

Complete Corporate Services (CCS) have conducted over ten thousand Workcover investigations, developing a large skill base and experience in this area, including specialist factual, intelligence and surveillance skills. We are experts at:

  • Identification of intelligence and analysis;

  • Undertaking workplace investigations into recorded data sets, identifying evidence to support inferences or concerns;

  • Interviewing witnesses and preparing formal statements;

  • Locating persons of interest;

  • Identification of third-party causation;

  • Performing licensed surveillance including;

    • Static covert camera surveillance;

    • Drone surveillance;

    • Human source static and moving surveillance

Employers request investigations to determine the facts surrounding an injury for which a workers' compensation claim has been made. These investigations are also referred to as ‘factual investigations. 

Circumstance or factual investigations are often arranged to:

  • assist in the determination of liability;

  • examine common law potential;

  • examine recovery potential;

  • assess damages;

  • investigate other aspects of the claim;

  • establish whether there has been scheme abuse.

As a supplier to Workcover, CCS complies with its Code of Practice for Private Investigators as a condition of registration, Client confidentiality and the National Code of Privacy Principles.

Surveillance investigations are a claims management tool used by Agents to discreetly determine a worker's activities and capabilities.  

Surveillance should only be used if:

  • other less intrusive methods of investigation have been considered and have been assessed to be ineffective and inadequate or have been tried and found to be inconclusive; and

  • there is adequate evidence to suggest the worker may be:

  • misrepresenting their disability;

  • claiming excessive disabilities; or

  • involved in the commission of a fraud.


Call 1300 911 334 or email now for no obligation assessment of your situation and provision of strategy.

What is a private investigator Gold Coast?

A private investigator, or also known as a PI, private eye, private detective or inquiry agent, is a person who is hired by a business or individual to conduct investigations on a private basis (meaning not on behalf of the government or law enforcement). Generally speaking, private investigators would work on a regular basis for law firms to help with civil and criminal law cases, however this has expanded to individuals who are looking to catch a cheating spouse, help with estate matters and so on, or help with corporate matters such as internal fraud investigations, background checks on business partners, insurance claim investigations and more.

What does a private investigator on the Gold Coast do?

A private investigator is hired to search for evidence to assist with the clients requirements, whether they be an individual, corporation or law firm. A private investigator is hired to not only gather evidence on behalf of a client, they can also provide other services such as serving court documents to targets who are hard to locate, and even gather evidence which is used to help a business protect itself against internet and external fraud.


Other more covert work that private investigators can do includes covert operations and surveillance, which requires the private investigator to go undercover and follow target individuals. This type of work requires highly skilled detectives with a lot of experience, as it is of paramount importance that they don’t ‘’blow’’ their cover during an operation.

How much does a private investigator or detective on the Gold Coast cost?

The cost of a private investigator can vary quite a lot, depending on the work required by the client. For example, the cost of finding out the criminal history of a business associate would cost a lot less than running a 24 hour a day 7 day a week covert surveillance operation. With this being said, its important that you speak to one of our professional team here at Complete Corporate Services (on an obligation free and confidential basis) about your requirements, so we can provide you detailed pricing.

How does hiring a private investigator like CCS on the Gold Coast work?

Hiring a private investigator with CCS is very easy. We provide a confidential and streamlined no-obligation process for clients to be able to contact us as provide relevant information in a very efficient way.


Before speaking to us however, it’s a good idea to gather as much relevant information as possible about the work you would like us to do for you. If you have evidence or intelligence, please have that handy so it can help us know which direction we need to take the investigation. If on the other hand you are owed money by a business associate and you cannot locate them, then any relevant information about the target would help, such as last known address details, the targets personal information such as full name, date of birth and so on.


Below are the steps taken when hiring a Gold Coast private investigation through Complete Corporate Services:

Initial de brief and assessment

First, call us to have a confidential conversation about your needs and the type of investigation you would like us to conduct. If you require please request a zoom conference with us. This initial conversation allows us to work out the direction we would need to go to be able to successfully conduct the investigation you require and assess costs. This assessment is absolutely obligation free.

We will conduct a preliminary investigation

After our first conversation, we will conduct preliminary investigations into the matter, work out how long it will take us to achieve the desired outcome, what further information we would require, and what it would cost you. We then provide you with a written assessment of what is involved, our strategy, methodology, fees and terms if you hire us for the private investigation.

Engaging us to conduct your investigation

After you have considered our assessment, we will answer any questions you might have, and assist with any further information you need. If there are no further questions and you would like us to begin the investigation on your behalf, we will provide you with written communication and invoice for fees for payment to be made for the investigation work.

Conducting your investigation

Next, we would start the investigation on your behalf. If we require more information from you, we will contact you with the requirements. You will receive regular progress reports.  Upon completion of your investigation we will provide you with a written investigation report. From this point, you are able to provide us with further instructions (if you have any).

Why and when should I hire a private investigator on the Gold Coast?

As a civilian, you are able to conduct basic investigations of your own if you need to. If you suspect that your business partner is concealing receipts and job, a former staff member has stolen your intellectual property, or your wife is cheating on you, you can conduct your own investigation and try and find the evidence you are seeking. The issue with conducting your own investigations is that you are not licensed, or experienced in the use of often difficult methodology.  Furthermore often you will not get a second chance to secure valuable evidence.


With this being said, people and businesses should hire private investigators because they have the ability to gather information and evidence that the average civilian cannot. Furthermore, a private investigator is a licensed professional in conducting investigations, so in the end it would cost less to hire a private investigator than it would to do it yourself, simply for the fact that private investigators are more efficient at investigations and would take significantly less time to get a result.


For example, if you wanted to run a background check on someone on the Gold Coast, where would you start? There are many different registries and court filings that you would need to check, and if you don’t have the contacts already at these places, or know the process for getting judgements etc, this can become a costly and time consuming exercise that can yield no fruit. With a private investigator on the other hand, they already have the contacts in place to get copies of any court documents, and in some cases can even find out information regarding a target through police channels.


Hiring a private investigator is not for everyone, however if you require information about a person or business that you simply can’t find on Google, then you should look into hiring a private investigator.

Where does CCS have private investigators apart from the Gold Coast?

Complete Corporate Services not only has private investigators throughout the Gold Coast, but we also have them throughout Queensland, Australia and overseas.

Is CCS guaranteed to solve my case?

When you are reliant on third parties unfortunately with private investigations, there are no guarantees that you will get the result you desire. What we can guarantee however is that we are the best and number one investigators in the industry and with over four (4) decades of experience, we will conduct the investigation that you need, and gather all of the possible information available to provide you a comprehensive report on the matter.

Can I trust a Gold Coast private investigator like CCS?

Complete Corporate Services have over 40 years of experience in a wide range of private investigation matters, and are licenced accordingly in the following:


Corporate Security Firm (Class 1) License: 4064644

Corporate Field Agent License: 4041963

Member: National Security Association of Australia (Qld) Inc


We also have over 130 legal firms in Australia that trust us on a regular basis for recurring work, along with over 250 corporate, and countless individual clients.

Complete Corporate Services provide private investigation services across the Gold Coast, including Oxenford, Coomera, Southport, Labrador, Surfers Paradise, Bundall, Broadbeach, Nerang, Burleigh Heads Palm Beach, Mt Tamborine, Canungra, Coolangatta and Tweed Heads just to name a few.

We also service other cities across Australia, including SydneyBrisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Ipswich​ and Mackay.

What our clients have to say

5 stars.png

We have a long standing relationship with Complete Corp and especially Scott Sattler. We use Complete Corp across a range of areas of investigative and litigation support because they understand the importance of focused, timely and cost effective investigation. Complete Corp deliver results and outcomes that are of superior forensic value.

Scott Falvey | McInnes Wilson Lawyers

5 stars.png

As a Liquor Merchant business, CCS have been invaluable to us, with a wide variety of support work, including debt collection and litigation support.  They are effective, results driven and cost effective.  Furthermore they continue to offer friendly advice and strategy when called, without obligation.  I highly recommend them to business as the complete all round support service.

Bryce Mathews

5 stars.png

The professionals at Complete Corp are our number one choice when Investigative and Litigation support is required.  They produce excellent results with dedication to relationships and high level customer service.  I highly recommend CCS as a service provider.

Chris Hannay | Director, Hannay Lawyers

5 stars.png

CCS routinely provide litigation support services to Vincents. In my experience CCS provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions in a wide variety of litigation matters. As important I find CCS Investigators while both professional and experienced very easy to work with. I would urge any accountant or lawyer needing an innovative approach to a demanding or difficult business circumstances to give CCS a call.

Ian McKinnon | Director, Vincents

5 stars.png

I have known and worked with Scott Sattler for more than 30 years. His professionalism is second only to his integrity and Complete Corporate Services exude the same qualities.

Jason J. Murakami |Adjunct Professor of Law and Partner Behlau Murakami Grant.

Gold Coast Spousal and Infidelity Investigations

If you need to know the truth about your partner and their activities, then speak to CCS about our Gold Coast spousal investigations

In life, information is power!


The power to make accurate decisions.  The power to stop problems before they damage you. 


Many clients on the Gold Coast engage us to provide intelligence about what their partner is doing. 


Why is their partner so secretive? 


What do they do with their money?  Where are they all day, or after hours? 


By engaging us, the outcomes have often been staggering! 


In many cases we identify that partners are cheating and provide details of who they are cheating with and when. 


A common theme in many cases relate to partners who say that they are separated, but are not, and still carrying on a normal life with their wife and family.


Some of gambling (e.g., pokie) habits.  In another case a husband was bringing home several male partners for sex, whilst his wife and family were at work and school.


We use a number of techniques and methodology to provide our clients with high quality accurate intelligence.

We are discreet and professional, keeping your existing relationship in tact while we find out the facts.

Talk to us about what we can do to help uncover the truth about a cheating partner, without getting found out and ruining the relationship (in the very rare case she/he isn’t doing the wrong thing)


Central to our core business, our Government Licensing and Code of Practice is the issue of Confidentiality.  Most of our matters are SENSATIVE.  They require timing, tact, and empathy.


Our clients expect us and our personnel to maintain their confidence.  Any breach of confidentiality could potentially see us out of business. 


When dealing with you we are bound by client confidentiality and in some cases where a divorce or financial settlement are the result of our findings, you retain “Privilege”, a legal status that prevents anybody getting information from us, unless you authorize such, in writing.   


All information that we gather is your property.  You may direct us in writing to destroy all information post or at any part of any investigation.


From our initial communication with you, considerations include the following:


  • Could your telephone, or email be compromised with the potential of a third party intercepting all communication.

  • Is there a need to communicate via other means;?

  • The selection of methodology that will not expose and keep all enquiries secretive.

  • All initiatives are undertaken on a need-to-know basis.  Dissemination of information relates only to relevant and necessary parties.  E.g., Lawyers

  • Strict File security, including the use of VPN and Encrypted communication and storage.

  • Reporting to clients is undertaken in a manner that is secure and, in a format, suitable to the client’s needs and requirements.

Case Studies

Through the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience from the many cases we’ve handled as private investigator.



The following are a few of our more interesting cases:


  1. Wife of Solicitor drops children at private schools and attends to her gym, followed by lunch before collecting children from school and returning home.  Really?   Instead of attending the gym she met with her lover every day at his high-rise unit for several hours.  Human surveillance followed her from school to the lover’s unit and then from the unit to school.  Drone footage captured her and her lover in several areas in the unit.


  1. A husband worked night work and was at home during the day whilst his wife worked, and children went to school.  Covert cameras throughout the home, captured him and several males have sex throughout the home during the daytime.


  1. Covert engagement with a close friend of our client during several dinners and drinks recorded evidence of the close friend admitting to having an affair with our client’s wife;


  1. Tracking equipment in a company vehicle recorded evidence of a person of interest going missing during working hours to visit a female and stop and play poker machines.


Do I marry this person or not?


Entering a relationship is a big commitment.  There are major ramifications relating to separation, asset division and care of children.  Do you really know who you are getting involved with?  Don’t wait until it is too late.


CCS undertakes a wide range of intelligence, covert operations and surveillance providing high level due diligence of persons of interest.  Most people will only disclose good or appropriate information.  They will not provide information that is likely to make you think twice.  Is there a love from the past that is still close and a threat to your relationship?  Are their weekends away for mates or girlfriends, that require monitoring.


A five-day bucks party in Bali identified at least four(4) females who had slept overnight with the fiancée groom. 


Intelligence analysis identified that a future wife was formerly the defacto of the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, a fact which had never been disclosed to her current fiancée.


Whether you are entering a personal relationship, business relationship, investor relationship or about to appoint someone as an employee, doing your homework is a good move to protect you.  In some cases, comprehensive Due Diligence will support what you know about the person of interest and will allow you to move forward with confidence.


Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling & Parenting, Not a Good Combination


We receive regular enquiries from parties who are very concerned about the ability of a parent to take care of children post separation adequately and safely.  Are carers in a responsible state, or are they intoxicated, taking drugs and or spending their time gambling.  If you have children in this situation you need to protect them, by knowing what is going on and not exposing them to persons who are irresponsible with their care.


We regularly produce good quality evidence of concerning conduct with children via a range of methodology, and produce high quality Affidavits supporting client positions, and proving inaccuracies of the other sides case.


Domestic Violence Order Breach


CCS specialises in providing supporting evidence of stalking, breach of DV orders and or otherwise concerning behaviours. Via a range of methodology, including human and static surveillance, general investigations, and intelligence analysis, we frequently provide briefs of evidence that allow them to act via either their legal advisors and or law enforcement.  All work undertake is supported with high quality evidentiary documents and court room evidence.


Family Matters – Fraudulent representations: (Assets, Maintenance)


In family separation matters, non-disclosure, and or fraudulent disclosure is common.  What or where are assets that are not being disclosed?  A parent is not disclosing a real source of income or lowering recorded income to avoid child or spousal maintenance. 


CCS specialises in asset identification and real levels of income via various methodology and strategy.  Our work has identified millions of dollars of assets hidden behind other person’s identity, corporate veils, and trusts.  We have also provided substantial evidence of persons of interest working, levels of work and levels of income, providing evidence to courts, and the Child Support Agency.


We encourage clients to call and discuss their Gold Coast private investigator needs to see whether we can assist.

Call 1300 911 334 to discuss your needs, on a strictly confidential, no obligation basis

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